MKJ commenced business in 1981 as a sole proprietorship and became a private limited company in November 1983. Since then, it has established regular business in Agri produce with customers in the Middle East, Europe and other CIS and South American countries.
We take pride in ensuring the highest quality within our supply chain with sourcing network within the ASEAN region. Our long standing relationship with our suppliers enables us to fulfil even the most demanding requests.
We ship our products from established sources in several Asian countries reputed for good quality and timely deliveries. The long term relationship we have maintained with customers since 1981 is testimony to our commitment for good practices and fair trade.

Wide Network of Supply

Sourcing from across Asia we have built an extensive Supplier network that emphasises on quality and timely deliveries. Securing long term relationships and working hand in hand with our trusted suppliers we never fail to fulfil our orders consistently. Picking our products from only the best and most trusted suppliers while streamlining the supply chain process we serve as a gateway to high quality products from the Asian region. Over the years we have built wide range of clients from across 4 continents and over 20 countries.

Our Sources
Our Markets
Chile Brazil Nigeria South Africa Portugal Spain UK Poland Italy Jordan Saudi Arabia Iraq Kuwait Bahrain Qatar UAE Russia Vietnam Indonesia Thailand Malaysia Mauritius Ukraine